Winter Park is a fantastic city in Orange County brimming with outdoor adventures, rich arts and culture, captivating museums, abundant parks and a scenic chain of lakes. With so much to explore you’re sure to work up an appetite, but thankfully there’s a fantastic dining scene that’ll come to your rescue.

Luckily we’ve found 5 of the best Winter Park vegan restaurants that’ll satisfy your cravings.

These 5 exclusively vegan restaurants cater to all tastes; from homey dishes, comfort food, street food, through to flavorful internationally-inspired dishes, we’ve got the best mix of vegan fare on this shortlist!

So let’s delve in!

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Five Exceptional Winter Park Vegan Restaurants: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Located less than a 15 minute walk from both Lake Virginia and Rollins Museum of Art, Ethos Vegan Kitchen is one of the most well-established vegan restaurants in Winter Park, having opened their doors in 2012.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen pride themselves on offering diverse vegan food. They also put an emphasis on excellent flavor, variety and freshness, all at an affordable price and in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

This diner-style restaurant has a very spacious interior with tables and chairs in the middle, and comfy booth seating on either side. This isn’t your typical diner with vintage vibes though. Instead, this eatery incorporates modern art in its decor to create a vibrant and inviting space.

When it comes to their menu, expect hearty, homestyle dishes that are inspired by seasonal ingredients, and with options that feature plant-based meat-substitutes. From starters, entrees, salads, soups, pizzas to sandwiches, this vegan place will surely impress with the flavors and seasonings in the dishes they serve.

One of the popular dishes here is the Coconut Curry Wrap which is prepared with grilled tofu coated in curried veganaise, celery, raisins, raw walnuts, coconut and mixed greens. Another favorite is their super indulgent Lasagna which consists of five layers of lasagna noodles, ricotta, marinara sauce, zucchini, squash, spinach, onions and vegan mozzarella cheese, which is then served with garlic bread.

You can also enjoy an excellent brunch on the weekends, that is served from 9am to 3pm. They have plenty of classics on the brunch menu such as their Breakfast Skillet, French Toast, Biscuits & Gravy and even the tasty Breakfast Burrito!

Do note that although some dishes mention ‘cheese’, ‘pork’, ‘sausage’, ‘ham’ or ‘pepperoni’, they’re all prepared without meat, dairy, eggs, honey, or any other animal derivatives or byproducts. So you can dig into your favorite food without worrying whether it’s fully vegan or not. Kids will also be spoiled for choice as they have an excellent kids menu.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen is open on weekdays from 11am to 11pm and on weekends from 9am to 11pm.

Address: 601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

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2. Loving Vegan Market & Cuisine

If you fancy some delicious Asian fusion vegan dishes, you’re in luck. Loving Vegan Market & Cuisine serves up loads of excellent options with a blend of Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine!

The added bonus here is that you can also order to-go dishes from their take-out menu, so you don’t have to wait for long as the take-out food is prepared quickly. So you can pick up your order and head on to your next Winter Park adventure!

And if you want to prepare your own vegan dishes at home, you can also head to their mini-mart (situated in the restaurant itself) which has plenty of vegan products to choose from. But when it comes to dining in, you won’t be disappointed either as the setup is modern and the warm lighting makes this restaurant a lovely place to have a sit down meal.

As mentioned before, expect quick service and very filling food. You’ll find a nice variety of rice dishes, noodles, pastas, rolls, wraps, soups, curries, burgers and sandwiches.

But one of the dishes that stands out the most is their Singapore Curry Noodles which consists of thin rice noodles, soy protein, tofu, cabbage, carrots and vegan ‘shrimp’ stir-fry with curry.

Another excellent pick is the Spicy Cha Cha which is prepared with yam protein (shrimp) which is battered and well seasoned, then tossed with bell peppers, onions and celery. That dish alone is worth Loving Vegan Market & Cuisine’s place on our list of vegan restaurants in Winter Park.

Loving Vegan Market & Cuisine is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 8pm, but is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Address: 2240 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

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3. Jacked Up Vegan

Whether you’re a local or just visiting Winter Park, it’s always a good idea to treat yourself to some comfort food from time to time, and it’s even better when all the options on the menu are 100% plant-based!

Jacked Up Vegan is a lively and vibrant place offering great food-truck style vegan food in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. The sleek wooden floors, unique ceiling decorated with artificial green plants, and charming little outdoor patio makes it a great place to grab drinks and some food after work with friends.

This plant-based taqueria has a nice selection of burgers, empanadas, and platters accompanied with sweet plantains. We recommend trying the Island Boy Burger consisting of their signature double patty burger, onions, vegan cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and cilantro crema, served with a side of sweet plantains and potato sticks.

But if you want to try something really unique and full of flavor, we recommend their soft and crispy Guava & Cheese Empanada – it’s the perfect fusion of savory and sweet in just one bite!

This choice on our list of Winter Park vegan restaurants is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm, Saturday from 6pm to 10pm, and on Sunday from 12pm to 8pm, but is closed on Mondays.

Address: 959 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

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4. Boca Fresca

Since we’re on a roll when it comes to introducing different, unique, but equally tasty dishes, we’ve got to include Boca Fresca on our list of favorite vegan restaurants in Winter Park.

You’re in for a special surprise with this restaurant as the vegan dishes are all prepared with Puerto Rican flair and handcrafted with the freshest of ingredients. Situated just a short walk from Lake Killarney, this unassuming place doesn’t have many seating options, but they do have a charming outdoor area where you can enjoy your food under the sun.

Best of all, if you’re out partying till late on the weekend, this vegan restaurant is your best bet for late night (and early morning) bites as it’s open until 6am on Saturdays and until 4am on Sundays!

Boca Fresca regularly changes their menu, introducing Winter Park to new tastes and flavors. So expect a daily menu or weekend special menu when you’re visiting.

Some favorite dishes here are the ‘Sofrito Chicharrón Salad Bowl’, ‘Yuca Tacos’ and their ‘Smoked Tofu Frita and Pernil n’ Chicharrón’ which comes on homemade organic Mallorca bread (which is a Puerto Rican sweet bread).

If you want to pick your own ingredients, then you can go for your own bowl, then choose the Boca Bowl option. With that you can choose your base, protein, side, sauces and dressings from the selection on their menu.

Boca Fresca is open on Thursday and Friday from 11am to 7pm, Saturday from 12pm to 6am, Sunday from 12pm to 4am, but is closed from Monday to Wednesday.

Address: 676 Cherry St, Winter Park, FL 32789

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5. SOHO Juice Co.

Had a late night out drinking and digging into some Puerto Rican food? And now want to start your day on the right foot? Then you’ll love SOHO Juice’s super energizing, nutritious superfoods bowls. smoothies and fresh juices.

Although snug, this place on our list of Winter Park vegan restaurants has a very light, bright and airy feel, with seats facing the large windows, a wall adorned with beautiful plants and a few outdoor seats.

Coming back to those superfood bowls, one of the popular ones is the Tropical Pitaya Bowl which consists of mango, pitaya, banana, pineapple, coconut water, coconut milk and is then topped with pineapple, coconut flakes, goji berry granola and blue majik drizzle.

As for the smoothies, we think you’ll be impressed by the Cloud 9 Smoothie which is prepared with mango, banana, pineapple, almond milk, coconut milk and blue algae.

SOHO Juice Co. is open on weekdays from 7am to 10pm and on weekends from 8am to 10pm.

Address: 646 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

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