Laguna Beach with its seven miles of hidden coves, beautiful sandy beaches, scenic clifftop views over the Pacific Ocean and captivating canyons. It’s a wonderful place to spend some time, and whatever your reason for visiting this coastal city in Orange County we’re sure you’ll work up an appetite here!

Yet whilst there isn’t many exclusively vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Laguna Beach, we do know six fantastic places where you can enjoy some exceptional plant-based food here.

In fact there’s only one purely vegan restaurant in Laguna Beach – which we think is definitely not enough! Although luckily there’s several other restaurants in the city which do offer good vegan and vegetarian menus.

So join us as we show you the six best vegetarian-friendly and vegan restaurants that Laguna Beach has to offer!

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The Six Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants In Laguna Beach For Food & Fun

1. The Stand Natural Foods

Wake up and start the day with some of the most heavenly vegan food that you can find in sunny Laguna Beach.

Operating since 1975, this unpretentious, down-to-earth and charming place is your best bet for an early healthy plant-based and cruelty-free breakfast.

Open everyday from 8am, The Stand is conveniently situated just a few minutes walk from the stunning Thalia Street Beach. But their offerings don’t end at breakfast: The Stand Natural Foods has great options for lunch, brunch and dinner too, so you don’t have to compromise on the health aspect at any point during your trip.

As the name partly suggests, The Stand is a permanent stall featuring an outdoor patio with loads of seating and parasols. Although the space they occupy is not huge, they have an extensive and impressive vegan menu – you’re sure to find something to please all palates here!

With a large array of incredible food and drinks to discover, from burritos, sandwiches, tamales, acai bowls, salads and tacos, you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, if you need any help with specific dietary requirements, then the super friendly and knowledgeable staff appear always happy to assist.

If you like to start your day with something sweet, then the delightful Cheeky Peachy Bowl -which is prepared with acai, banana, peaches, organic coconut milk and topped with granola, coconut, banana, and strawberries – is a great choice.

Some of the other popular dishes here include their Avocado sandwich where you can choose your favorite bread as a base. This sandwich is far from being plain as it’s packed with delicious ingredients like avocado, tomato, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, guacamole and lemon herb dressing. Unsurprisingly it’s one of the favorites amongst regulars.

And if you’ve got little ones with you, worry not as The Stand’s options for kids are very appealing and filling. That’s important – after all making sandcastles requires a lot of energy! Just make sure to leave room for their Fresh Fruit Soft Serve – some of the finest in the area.

With such good food, and a huge menu of plant-based dishes, The Stand just had to be top of our list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Laguna Beach. They’re open everyday from 8am to 7pm.

Address: 238 Thalia St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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2. Zinc Café & Market

This long-running café in Laguna Beach has been in operation since 1988. But there’s a reason it goes from strength to strength – great service and quality food.

So whether you fancy a nice brunch among friends, dinner with your loved ones, or just some take out food to eat at the beach, we’re sure Zinc Café will fit the bill.

The wooden beams, stunning ceiling lights, and very appealing outdoor patio with pretty blossom trees and a small water feature make this café a picturesque place to dine as well.

So what should you choose if your visit? Well, vegan favorites from their brunch menu include the Guacamole, Chips & Salsa, Black Bean Chili Soup and Tricolore Salad.

As for vegetarians, who doesn’t love poached eggs? Their Deluxe Poached Eggs on Toasts are some of the tastiest around, thanks mainly to the winning combination of herb cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, pickled onion and arugula.

As for the appealing dinner menu, the share plate of Citrus Drenched Vegetables & Hummus, Spicy Broccolini and Burrito are awesome vegan picks. And for vegetarians, the hearty Mushroom Dijon Burger and Potato Arugula Pizza – which is made with roasted potatoes, raclette, grana padano, fresh arugula, balsamic, garlic and chili – are both crave-worthy.

While not solely vegan, Zinc has such good plant-based choices that it just had to be on our list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Laguna Beach. Zinc is open everyday from 9am to 9pm.

Address: 580 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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3. Active Culture

Order some of Laguna Beach’s best food and frozen yoghurt at Active Culture, where you can dine on the outdoor patio with a view of the gorgeous Thalia Street Beach.

Although not solely vegan or vegetarian, this family-owned restaurant whips up delicious dishes using some of the freshest organic and raw ingredients around.

Active Culture has a very Greek vibe with its white washed exterior, dome-shaped doors and dark brown tiles. We think you’ll immediately feel welcome here by the friendly and very helpful team, all of which just adds to this place’s homey feel. We’ve also got to mention that they have a little art museum too which is well worth visiting.

Active Culture has loads of vegan options, and the Veggie Bowl, Hummus Quinoa Salad and Hummus Wrap are all popular choices. They also have a bagel called the Garden Patch Bagel Sandwich, which masterfully combines avocado smash, tomato, red onion, cucumber and sprouts, all perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of crunch.

For vegetarians, we think you’ll love their Southwest Wrap prepared with beans, cheddar cheese, green cabbage, salsa, avocado smash and cilantro. And for a sweet option, we highly recommend their Bountiful Bowl comprising of organic granola, banana, blueberries, strawberries, flaxseeds and organic agave nectar.

We think you’ll love the laidback ambience here and the kid’s menu also has a decent selection of vegan and vegetarian options. And if you’ve still got room for dessert, then the refreshing Frozen Yogurt might be right up your street!

This café and self-serve yogurt shop is open everyday from 9am to 8pm.

Address: 1006 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Photo for illustrative purposes only: Unsplash+/Maryam Sicard

4. Jan’s Health Bar

We know that being healthy while on holiday can be quite challenging. But worry not as Laguna Beach offers a great selection of vegan and vegetarian food that’s nutritious and healthy.

Although not solely vegan or vegetarian, we just had to include Jan’s Health Bar on our list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Laguna Beach due to their great selection of nutrient-dense and very affordable food.

This sleek, contemporary and some-what funky restaurant boasts super colorful blue walls, loads of hanging pictures and that all-important neon sign to draw you in.

You’ll find plenty of good vegan dishes here, and the Berry Crunch Toasts in particular pack a punch thanks to ingredients like peanut butter, banana, strawberry, granola and agave. The Jan’s Acai Bowl is also superb with its blend of acai or pitaya, strawberry, banana, apple juice and topped with granola, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, coconut, goji berries and agave.

For some delicious vegetarian options, we recommend their California Bagel or their Fiesta Bowl consisting of vegetarian turkey, avocado, black beans, brown rice, cheese and pico de gallo. Our sweet pick has to be the Power Acai Bowl prepared with strawberry, vanilla protein powder, peanut butter,
almond milk and topped with granola, bananas, bee pollen and agave.

This restaurant is open everyday from 8am to 4pm.

Address: 610 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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5. Taco Loco

This unassuming taco spot might not look that impressive from the outside. But there’s a reason why this restaurant – which serves a fusion of foods inspired by the cuisine scene of New Orleans, Southwest California and Mexico – attracts so many customers.

Taco Loco is definitely your best choice if you’re feeling crazy hungry late at night too, as they’re open until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. The eclectic décor, narrow doors and friendly staff add to this place’s charm.

Their separate vegan menu is what draws many customers here, and you’re sure to find something to please all your plant-based cravings. From tacos, salads, fajitas, burgers, burritos and bowls, the perfect fusion of flavors and seasonings here make this vegan-friendly restaurant in Laguna Beach really stand out.

Some other favorite vegan items include the Blackened Mushroom & Tofu Tacos, Blackened Veggie Phish Burritos and the Blackened Hemp Burger. As for vegetarians, their Bean & Cheese Quesadillas and Beans & Rice Burritos are fantastic.

This restaurant is open everyday from 11am to 11pm, except for Friday and Saturday when they close as late as 1am. Loco!

Address: 640 S Coast Hwy Ste 1B, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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6. Zpizza

Who doesn’t love the appealing combination of crispy pizza crust, well-seasoned tomato sauce and bubbling cheese on top? Let’s be honest, pizza often hits the spot when it comes to an indulgent night out with family and friends. Yet ‘vegan’ and ‘pizza’ are two words that don’t often go together – that’s until you find the perfect pizza restaurant that also has vegan options!

Zpizza is just that. This pizzeria has been in operation for almost a century and they’ve really got the preparation and creation of pizza down to a tee. You don’t have to just believe our words though, as this critically acclaimed restaurant is also a favorite with many Laguna Beach locals.

Popular vegan pizzas here include the California Roasted Veggie topped with tomatoes, roasted red onions, fresh bell peppers, roasted mushrooms, roasted zucchini and black olives. The Sweet & Spicy Pineapple pizza might divide a nation (should pineapple be on a pizza?!) but it’s a winner in our eyes as the combination of vegan mozzarella, red onion, jalapeno, vegan sausage crumble, jalapeno, pineapple and crushed red pepper just works superbly.

If you’re vegetarian, then check out the super indulgent Five Cheese Margherita which is prepared with mozzarella, asiago, fontina, parmesan, provolone and fresh basil.

Zpizza knows how to make incredible comfort food which makes customers come back again and again. And with many vegetarian and vegan options, this restaurant deserves its place on our list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Laguna Beach.

This pizzeria is open everyday from 11am to 9pm.

Address: 30822 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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