Situated right in the heart of London, Kings Cross is the ideal destination for tourist accommodation, canal-side shopping, entertainment mecca, as well as chic vegetarian and vegan restaurants just waiting to be explored!

Kings cross is not only famous for being home of platform 9 3/4 for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, but also to a small range of vegetarian and vegan restaurants of which we have carefully curated the very best for you.

Whether you’re here for a little day out, work trip or just making a quick stop before catching the train to your next destination, Kings Cross has a tempting selection of restaurants for vegans and vegetarians alike.

So read on to discover this area’s finest eateries!

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Five Exceptional Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants In Kings Cross: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Itadakizen London

A small restaurant specialising in Japanese cuisine with 2 separate menus for lunch and dinner. Dig into bigger portions for lunch or enjoy a tapas-style dinner with a Sake in hand!

Conveniently located less than a 5 minute walk from King’s Cross St. Pancras, Itadakizen London is a down-to-earth restaurant which specialises in Japanese dishes which are 100% plant-based and organic.

Although the space indoors is quite small and tightly packed, the atmosphere here is very cozy, inviting and relaxing. And when it comes to the staff, be ready for some excellent service as they are always happy to accommodate your requests and dietary requirements.

This Japanese restaurant serves some super inventive dishes on both their lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu includes a tempting variety of more filling dishes ranging from ramen, curries, udon and Soboro Don.

One of the popular dishes for lunch is their Miso Ramen which is prepared with ramen noodles in Itadakizen’s original miso broth, topped with mixed vegetables and spring onion. Another must-try is the Creamy Toncotsu Ramen which consists of ramen noodles in Itadakizen’s original tonkotsu (miso and soy) sauce mixed creamy broth, topped with mixed vegetables and spring onion.

You can also go for their Lunch Set Meal where you’ll get to pick one main and one side – ideal for those with a big appetite!

As for their dinner menu, they specialise in tapas-style dishes where you’ll get to try a large variety of small dishes and pair those with their selection of sake, wine and beer.

Some of the appealing dishes is their Vegan Gyoza which are deep-fried gyoza dumplings served with their homemade original spicy sauce. The Maki Sushi are also super tasty and consist of oyster mushroom tempura with original tartar sauce and lettuce.

Itadakizen London is open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch from 12pm to 2pm and for dinner from 5:30pm to 10pm, but is closed on Monday and Sunday.

Address: 139 King’s Cross Rd, London WC1X 9BJ

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2. Mildreds Kings Cross

This 100% plant-based chain restaurant with a globally inspired menu offers a large array of dishes to satisfy all cravings!

Mildreds has got to be one of the most loved vegan chains thanks to the large variety of internationally inspired dishes, ranging from a tempting breakfast menu, all day menu, and even a weekend brunch menu.

This choice on our list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Kings Cross is famous for its vibrant colours, very inviting atmosphere and exquisite 100% plant-based dishes.

When it comes to breakfast, we recommend going for the Kimchi Toastie which also comes with smoked cheez and gochujang mayo. Another popular breakfast item here has got to be the Banana Biscoff Pancakes which is also topped with cookie crumbs, speculoos caramel and vanilla maple cream.

Whether you’re here for lunch or dinner, one thing for sure is the Chipotle Cheez Nachos is a great choice to start with. As for mains, their Sri Lankan dish called Kiri Hodi is an excellent pick as this dish consists of coconut curry leaf sauce, sweet potato green bean sabzi, pineapple achar, cashew coconut sev, pea basmati and mint mango chutney.

As for a great weekend brunch, one of the dishes locals rave about is their Classic Brunch which is packed with fully plant-based choices like scrambled tofu, house baked beans, sausage, roast tomato, spinach, mushroom, home fries and sourdough toast.

Mildreds is open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 11pm and on Sunday from 9am to 10pm.

Address: 200 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JP

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3. Thenga Cafe

A down-to-earth cafe with simple decor offers affordable Indian vegan dishes, as well as excellent smoothies.

Thenga Cafe is situated just a short walk from King’s Cross St. Pancras and is close to plenty of museums such as Foundling Museum, Charles Dickens Museum and The Postal Museum.

This unpretentious cafe’s decor is minimal, with sleek wooden floors and a large blackboard displaying the food and drinks menu. Expect some wholesome Indian dishes served all day, as well as a different vegetarian dish as their daily special.

So of course if you’re up for trying something different, we highly recommend their Daily Lunch which comes with dhol, one veg, one side and rice.

Another delicious pick is the Puri Veg which is packed with spinach and potato, as well as served with pakora and their homemade chutney.

Pair you dish with their incredible Masala Tea which is prepared with spiced coconut milk, black tea and fresh ginger. For an energising drink, go for the Energiser Juice which is blended with apple, carrot, orange and ginger.

Thenga Cafe is open Monday to Thursday from 11am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 4pm, but is closed in Sunday.

Address: 120 Cromer St, London WC1H 8BS

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4. Dishoom King’s Cross

An upscale restaurant with vintage decor serving exceptional Indian street food and open as late as 12am on some days!

For those who are a fan of Indian cuisine, you’re in luck with this super lively restaurant with vintage decor and upscale touches offers some of the best Indian street food in the area.

Located just a five minute walk from King’s Cross St. Pancras, Dishoom is a must-visit for some rich flavours and fragrant aromas.

Although not solely vegan or vegetarian, Dishoom is a great place for vegetarians to get some more food choices containing dairy products and eggs. Vegans will have more limited options here but nonetheless delicious!

Some of the great breakfast options include their Irani café staple – the vegetarian Akuri which consists of three eggs, spiced, scrambled and piled up richly alongside plump, home-made buns and served with grilled tomato.

We think vegans will love The Vegan Bombay for breakfast as this dish is prepared with tofu akuri, vegan sausages, vegan black pudding, grilled field mushrooms, masala beans, grilled tomato and home-made vegan buns.

And for lunch or dinner, we highly recommend the Vada Pau which is served with hot potato vada, crunchy titbits and chutneys, tucked inside a soft home-made bun. A tasty main here is the very filling Jackfruit Biryani which is prepared with jackfruit and delicately saffron’d rice, as well as fresh herbs, barberries and sultanas.

This restaurant is open Monday to Wednesday from 8am to 11pm, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 12am. As for Saturday, Dishoom is open 9am to 12am and on Sunday from 9am to 11pm.

Address: 5 Stable St, London N1C 4AB

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5. Camino King’s Cross

Experience an authentic feel of Spain at this restaurant specialising in exquisite tapas, bottomless brunch and Spanish wines.

Well, if you’re an avid fan of some upbeat ambience, tapas food, bottomless brunch, as well as incredible Spanish wines, you might think we kept the best for last!

Camino is the place to be if you want to let your hair down with some of your friends, whether it be after work, in your way to your next destination or after a great shopping spree.

Located in a hidden courtyard, this large restaurant with contemporary decor and nice greenery is just waiting to be explored! Although not solely vegetarian or vegan, Camino has plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans.

Some of the vegan tapas well worth a try are the Escalivada which is prepared with charcoal grilled aubergine, piquillo peppers from Navarra, roasted shallots and tomato bread.

As a vegetarian pick, go for the Tortilla De Patatas which consists of golden free-range eggs soft and slightly runny in the centre, confit onions and potatoes.

And if you’re wanting to visit for their bottomless brunch, you can do so on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 4pm. Make the most of the offer as this brunch gets you unlimited cava, sangría or Puertobello pale ale, as well as one dish.

Even though there are not many choices for vegans and vegetarians, their Vegetarian Paella will satisfy all cravings as this dish is prepared with bomba rice from Valencia with artichokes from Navarra, green beans, mushrooms and saffron stock.

Camino is open everyday from 12pm to 10:30pm.

Address: The Yard, Varnishers, 3 Regent Quarter, London N1 9FD

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