Located on the River Thames in southeast England, Windsor is home to the majestic Windsor Castle which is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Set foot in this magnificent town and experience the very unique charm of what King Charles III gets to call his second residence.

Windsor is not only known for its striking castle, beautiful cobbled streets and delightful river with plenty of friendly swans and ducks (even friendlier if you feed them), but also for its fantastic dining scene.

Veganism and vegetarianism has garnered a level of momentum that is beyond compare to any other culinary movement in the last decade, and thankfully Windsor has caught on quickly and caters wonderfully to the vegan and vegetarian community.

With a fantastic selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Windsor, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste! We have also included a few non-vegan and non-vegetarian restaurants on our list of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Windsor, simply because their excellent vegan and vegetarian options are a must try.

So let’s delve into the exceptional dining experience this historic destination has to offer!

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Five Exceptional Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants In Windsor (UK): Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Loading Bay Cafe

Unique local pit stop with engaging events and exclusively vegan dishes.

Looking for an exclusively vegan cafe where you can enjoy some incredible grub without worrying about having to double-check if it is actually 100% plant-based? Well, we’ve got you covered with this superb hip cafe which also does monthly events.

Loading Bay Cafe was a storage space now converted into a unique local pit stop, with an outdoor area made up of low tables and pallets used as seats that’s also pet-friendly! The wonderful vibes and cosy, comfy setup is also replicated indoors with some fairy lights and beans bags.

The friendly and warm staff will also make you feel welcome upon arrival. You’ll find exceptional 100% vegan food and top quality coffee here – and even local beer – so there’s plenty to keep you energised during your Windsor adventure.

Talking about those vegan dishes, it’s street food style food, but we think you’ll be impressed by the variety and depth of flavours. Loading Bay Cafe serves some rotating delights inspired by the season (like a Christmas burger), as well as a few choices that are mainstays, all prepared with top quality, consciously nutritious ingredients.

Although they have a rather small menu, this vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Windsor is a fantastic place to dine out. One popular dish includes their Tempeh Bacon Sandwich which consists of tempeh rashers marinated in their signature smoky bacon flavouring, smashed broad bean puree, fresh tomato, sriracha and vegan mayo.

But if it’s one of those cooler days, but you still want to make the most of their outdoor area, then you can warm up by going for the Spanish Butter Bean Stew which is packed with mixed Mediterranean vegetables and topped with pumpkin seed pesto and smoked oat cream. It’s a very comforting vegan dish.

Keep an eye out for their monthly events on their page as this cafe loves to promote creative musicians and as a result, this has created an eclectic alternative social space.

As an added bonus, Loading Bay Cafe also does fun game nights (with chess, cards and dice) and art exhibitions. Or why not try their ‘Boards & Breakfast’ events where you can rent a SUP board and test your skills with the combination of paddle boarding and yoga in one, before then heading to the cafe for some breakfast.

Address: Kardleton House, Vansittart Estate, Windsor SL4 1SE

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2. The Real Greek

An array of vegan & vegetarian Greek dishes with views of the castle and river.

Located within a 5 minute walk from Windsor Castle, The Real Greek provides excellent authentic Greek cuisine to this area, including many vegan and vegetarian options.

Step into this restaurant and experience an authentic feel of the Greek Islands with pictures of the islands adorning one side of the wall, a large map of Greece on one side and a light and airy open space.

Luckily, they also have plenty of seating options like comfy sofas, wooden chairs and banquettes so you’ve got lots of places to get cosy. But you can also head upstairs for more seating options and take in the magnificent views towards the castle and also the river!

One vegan dish on the Cold Meze menu includes the Santorini Fava which is prepared with yellow lentils from Santorini, cooked and blended with herbs and spices, topped with a salsa of tomatoes, onions, capers and caper powder. As for a Hot Meze choice, we think that you might like their Vegan Meatballs, also called Soutzoukakia, which are served in a tomato and cumin Soutzoukakia sauce. Or how about their Jackfruit Gyros with vegan aioli – it’s also a very popular dish!

As for vegetarians, we think you can’t go wrong with The Real Greek Halloumi Popcorn served with a dressing of lemon & thyme infused honey. For a Hot Meze option, their Spinach Tiropitakis which are handmade daily filo pastry parcels with creamy leek, spinach and feta filling are always crowd pleasers too. And if you like Souvlaki Wraps, then we think you’ll love the Souvlaki served with halloumi and minted yoghurt.

Although not solely plant-based, we had to include The Real Greek on our list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Windsor for the stunning views and large array of Greek food that caters for vegans and vegetarians.

This place is open from Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 10pm, Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 11pm and on Sunday from 12pm to 9:30pm.

Address: 2 River St, Windsor SL4 1QT

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3. Giggling Squid

Thai restaurant with over 10 vegan & vegetarian dishes facing Windsor Castle.

We’ve got to include Giggling Squid on our list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Windsor, not only for the exotic ingredients and bold flavours in each Thai dish, but also for the stunning presentation of the dishes and drinks.

This aesthetically pleasing restaurant with modern sleek decor is neighbours with Windsor’s most famous personality as it’s facing the Queen’s residence. The unmatched decor of this place keeps true to the area’s charm thanks to the exposed beams, stunning hanging lanterns, comfy booths, flowers adorning the middle of the dining area and plenty of chic hanging pictures.

Although not solely vegan or vegetarian, Giggling Squid has included loads of vegan and vegetarian options on their menu to cater for everyone! With many dishes which include exotic ingredients and bold flavours, you’re sure to find some Thai favourites to suit your mood.

With over 10 vegan mains to choose from, expect a hard time deciding. But some of their popular dishes include the spicy Tropical Jungle Curry (Keang Pa) which is packed with incredibly fragrant Thai herbs and veggies, as well as the fragrant Massaman Curry simmered in coconut milk and perfumed with cardamom, cinnamon and star anise.

One delicious vegetarian dish on the menu is the Giggling Pad Thai prepared with flavoursome rice noodles, tofu, beansprouts, sliced red onions, Thai chives and crunchy peanuts. Or go the Egg Fried Rice for a lighter option.

Giggling Squid is open everyday from 12pm to 10:30pm.

Address: 30 Thames St, Windsor SL4 1PR

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4. Côte Brasserie

Fine dining riverfront French brasserie serving excellent vegan and vegetarian choices.

Fancy having a romantic dinner with your loved one right by the riverfront or need to impress on the first date? Look no further than this stunning upscale French brasserie as you can dine al-fresco on their outdoor patio, right on River Thames, including unobstructed views of the majestic iron and granite arch bridge; Windsor bridge.

Since we’re in charming Windsor, we’ve just got to include a fine dining spot on our list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Windsor. Well, we couldn’t find a better choice than Côte for the upscale setting they’ve created and their delightful vegan and vegetarian dishes!

The appealing interior will make you feel like you’re in Paris with the elegant floor to ceiling windows, sleek wooden floors and excellent staff and service. But the real beauty lies in the outside area where you can watch boats going up and down the Thames, an area that gets even more stunning in the evening as the sun sets and the gleaming lights reflect on the calm water.

As for the food, we think you’ll love the very well presented French cuisine and the great menu that caters for all tastes and prices. And we think vegetarians will love their Mushroom & Camembert Tart which consists of poached egg, caramelised onions, mushroom marmalade, watercress, pistou, camembert and served with a side of French bean and courgette salad.

Some favourite vegan choices here include the Squash Tabouleh which is inspired by Marseille’s North African Quarter and consists of roasted butternut squash, courgette, harissa couscous, chickpeas, spinach, rocket and coconut yogurt. Another popular choice is their Vegan Côte Burger which is topped with vegan cheese and caramelised onion, served with a side of frites.

Côte is open from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 11pm and from Friday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm.

Address: 71 High St, Eton, Windsor SL4 6AA

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5. Plate at No. 6

Upscale dining with separate vegan menu and great vegetarian choices.

Visiting Windsor with your friends and family and looking for a tapas-style restaurant? Well, Plate at No. 6 is exactly what you need with their fresh Mediterranean flavours incorporated in their small plates of modern tapas cuisine.

Whether you’re catching up with some mates, have planned a romantic evening, or celebrating a milestone, this super charming upscale restaurant will offer you an unparalleled and unforgettable dining experience.

The warm and relaxed atmosphere here, rustic leather seating, along with the earthy tones of the Mediterranean coast blended into the decor, all add to this place’s unique charm and character. Foodwise, you’ll get to experience diverse cuisines ranging from Spain, Turkey, France, Morocco, Italy, Greece, to Lebanon.

Plate at No. 6 made it on our list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Windsor for both the incomparable intimate setting they’ve created, and their separate vegan menu! One of the popular dishes is the Tomato Gazpacho which is prepared with heritage yellow and red cherry tomato, vegan ricotta, cucumber, croutons and basil pesto. Another vegan dish worth trying is the Ratatouille prepared with Israely couscous, aubergine, red pepper, courgette and tomato consommé.

In our opinion, vegetarians will love the Tortelloni Parmigiana on their main menu. This dish consists of fresh egg pasta, aubergine, tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil puree. As for the brunch menu, the dishes that stood out the most are their Mediterranean Salad, and the Burrata Cheese topped with heritage cherry tomatoes, rocket and balsamic dressing.

This restaurant is open on Monday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 10pm and on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 10pm.

Address: 6-7 Market St, Windsor SL4 1PB

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