Kansas City is a thriving metropolis on the border of Missouri and Kansas. While the name may be deceiving, a long-drawn-out custody battle eventually landed with Missouri staking claim to the city!

It’s boisterous and has a vibrant community, with plenty on offer to do and see, especially in the culinary scene. While Kansas City is known for its incredible BBQ, it has a flourishing vegan and vegetarian scene too. The creative chefs in the city prove that plant-based meals don’t just consist of leafy greens.

But the choices can be overwhelming. With a dense population and multitudes of restaurants to choose from, we’ve decided to help out by bringing you a list of our favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Kansas City. Let’s get started!

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The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants In Kansas City: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Gigi’s Vegan + Wellness Cafe

Down-to-eath Gigi’s Vegan + Wellness Cafe provides a shining example of great vegan food and advocates events for Sustainability and community wellness.

Gigi’s Vegan + Wellness Cafe thrives on the notion of sustainability within its community. It’s a small venue with a big heart and carries the dream of making an impactful statement through plant-based and healthy meals.

Gigi Jones, the cafe owner, is a multidisciplinary Vegan Activist and believes that plant-powered diets improve quality of life and the environment exponentially. She’s an advocate for green living and has become a true visionary for her community.

Rooftop gardens and city farming initiatives supply most of the ingredients locally as part of Gigi’s NPO initiative. As a certified Raw Food chef, the menu consists of a mixture of cooked and uncooked foods. They provide quality, tasty meals that prove that Vegan cuisine can be versatile and delicious.

Guest rave about their burgers and wraps; personally, we’re obsessed with the Soul Tacos and the I Am Vitality dish. But you can find an eclectic mix of superfood juices and Cold Presses too. Each meal is perfectly constructed to ensure the utmost nutritional benefit. In addition, you can also find specials listed on the boards in the restaurant if you’d like to try something new.

The venue is quaint and comfortable, with a cozy and rustic charm. Light pours through the big windows around the restaurant. Occasionally, they host various events, guest speakers, and live music, so keep an eye out on their social media!

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 5 pm Mon-Sat; Sun Closed
  • Location: 1103 Westport Rd, Kansas City
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2. Mattie’s Foods

Bringing the inventive nature of Southern, Tex-Mex cuisine to a plant-based menu, Mattie’s foods is unforgettable.

When the combined genius of two sisters comes together, it births a breakfast empire. Mattie’s Foods is a standalone venue with a big reach. Their breakfast menu, in fact, is so popular it makes an appearance in various Made in KC Kitchens around the city as a limited feature.

Their popular cuisine style is a mixture of beloved American comfort foods. Tex-Mex meets Southern to create a diverse and interesting menu that’s not only delicious but extremely moreish.

Obviously, the standout feature on Mattie’s menu is their breakfasts. So if you’re an early riser, you know exactly where to head. Their food looks so much like the real thing you’d doubt that they’re plant-based, but we can assure you, their Biscuit Samich is 100% vegan, even with “Bakon” added.

When it comes to lunchtime, you can pick from a menu of Sandwiches, Burritos, and Buffalo “Chicken.” One favorite is the Nacho Mac, topped with nut-based Queso, Sourcream, and a pinto bean protein. 

Mattie’s is also known for its catering, with a mobile Food Truck ready to hire out for your next big event. And did we mention the vegan cakes? Because they have those in abundance, too, customizable to your exact specifications and completely guilt-free.

Their venue is quaint and simplistic, with pops of color added by murals, and the storefront opens onto the sidewalk, allowing guests to soak in the fresh air but still feel shielded inside.

Their motto is simple, “Comfort food made smart,” We can’t deny they’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head. So if you’re ever searching for one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Kansas City, look no further than Mattie’s Foods.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 3 pm Wed & Sat; 9 am to 7 pm Thurs & Fri; Closed Sun – Tues
  • Location: 633 E 63rd St #110, Kansas City
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3. Tree Hugger Kitchen

A quirky vegan restaurant specializing in Street Food inspired, plant-based meals in an unusual and ambient setting.

Phil and Mandy are a happy-go-lucky couple with charisma and big hopes. While they weren’t always following a vegan lifestyle, they gave up meat and haven’t looked back. Their culinary adventure started with a Shaved Ice cart, then morphed into a fully-fledged Vegan Food Truck, which eventually blossomed into a brick-and-mortar Tree Hugger Kitchen.

The Tree Hugger Kitchen sits off-the-beaten path in a strip mall in the Riverside Neighborhood of Kansas City. It’s a unique and quirky venue with an interesting decor choice. By that, we mean the walls of tin sheeting that make it feel like part of a shanty shack. The reality is that it adds character to the upcycled look they try to create.

As for the menu, they’ve taken Vegan Street Food and turned it into unbelievable meals you won’t be able to get enough of. They grab inspiration from across America, including the diverse and rich flavors of Mexico, to create an intricate plant-based menu you won’t soon forget.

Tacos, Burgers, and Sandwiches litter the pages with unique vegetable and protein combinations that blow your socks off. The flavor is impactful and mouth-watering with each dish. In addition, their look-alike meats are so realistic you’ll be questioning whether the Buffalo Chicken really is Soy.

The faces are friendly, and the atmosphere is always alive with conversation and laughter. Which is everything you can expect from one of Kansas City’s best vegetarian restaurants.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 8 pm Thurs – Mon; Closed Tues & Wed
  • Location: 1841 NW Vivion Rd, Riverside, Kansas City
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4. The Fix!

A fun and charismatic restaurant where everyone is welcome (even the family dog) that dishes out some of the best vegan comfort food in Kansas City.

You’ll probably love the irony if you ever stumble across The Fix! in downtown Kansas City. Located in what was once an old Drugstore, the name will certainly seem fitting. But we know that the only “fix” you’ll want is more of their delicious food.

Don’t let the quirky names fool you; their entire menu is dedicated to plant-based delicacies. They home-make plenty of their meat substitutes in-house and carry brand favorites like Beyond Chicken, which comprise homey comfort foods. In addition, their fresh ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably, making for an undeniable quality taste you won’t forget.

Tuck into delightfully robust choices of burgers, tacos, nachos, and more. With a delectable Fried Chicken Sammie ranking amongst the top favorites on their menu. It has many variations to suit your tastes, including a firey Nashville topped with a vegan mac’n’cheese.

We recommend keeping your eyes peeled on their social media if you’re craving something new. As their sarcastically brilliant website says, it’s the best way to find out what new dishes are joining the scene for a limited time. This also bodes for their special events, which are few but worth the visit!

The restaurant has a shabby chic appearance, embracing the heritage of its venue while still adding vibrant and modern twists. It’s pet-friendly and occasionally sets up curbside seating for guests to enjoy a meal in the divine Missouri sun.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 7 pm Tues – Fri; 11 am to 3 pm Sat & Sun; Closed Mon
  • Location: 600 E 31st St, Kansas City
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5. Vegan Crave Burgers & Bakery

A colorful shipping container yard serving the best vegan burgers in town.

When it comes to the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Kansas City, we won’t dare leave Vegan Crave Burgers & Bakery of our list. They’ve even got meat lovers hooked on their plant-based burgers, and don’t even get us started on the baked goods!

The patties are a combination of different recipes, so you might pick something different depending on your craving. They use Jackfruit, Black Beans, Seitan, and Chickpeas to create a variety of different burgers that work perfectly with their toppings. Vegan cheese drips off the patty, and your chosen sauce soaks into the bun. They are picturesque and, if you didn’t know, rival a beef patty for your heart.

As for the bakery, well, they work on a call-collect basis and only have a few options available for walk-ins. But if you’re looking for a place to supply you with a Sweet Craving, you’ve found it. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more await you through the doors of this magical Vegan paradise.

And let’s just say you won’t be able to miss this venue. It’s part of a shipping container mash filled with different shops. The unique, upcycled venue is a beautiful spot to enjoy a bite to eat in an open-air setting. It’s a community place that’s welcoming, colorful, and certainly not to be missed.

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm Thurs – Sat; 11 am to 3 pm Sun; Closed Mon – Wed
  • Location: 1599 Iron St, North Kansas City
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6. Cafe Gratitude

An urban eco-friendly restaurant with farmhouse charm and an expansive globally-inspired vegan menu.

Organic, earth-friendly sustainability is no longer the stuff of dreams when it comes to Cafe Gratitude. The restaurant was built on the concept of “Aliveness” and offers an organic approach to operating. They’re solar-powered, locally supplied and all-around eco-friendly while providing some of the best vegan food that Kansas City has to offer.

They’ve brought a global take on the creative and versatile world of veganism, so no two dishes are the same. You can indulge in some of the most comforting starters and mains. Garlic stuffed potatoes and heart-warming Soup of the Day sit alongside Buffalo cauliflower bites and Bruschetta to start.

For mains, you can try a bevy of dishes built from complex flavors that are globally inspired. Let Cafe Gratitude transport your tastebuds to the aromatic world of Asia, or perhaps, if you’re interested in something Italian, tuck into a Polenta Pasta. The world is at your fingertips with delicious options to suit just about anyone’s cravings.

And it doesn’t end there. You can also try one of their swelling list of vegan-alternative coffees, juices and smoothies, which are hand-prepped daily from locally-sourced greens and fruits.

The venue has a rustic farmhouse charm, with wooden finishes and quirky artwork littering the expansive space. If you watch their social media, you’ll be clued into all the awesome little events they occasionally host, from art shows to live music. Cafe Gratitude is truly something to be grateful for.

  • Opening Hours: 8 am to 8 pm Mon – Fri; 9 am to 8 pm Sat; 9 am to 3 pm Sun
  • Location: 333 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City
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7. Canihaveabite

Catering takeout only, canihaveabite lets you enjoy incredible vegetarian cuisine on the go or as a meal-prep.

Canihaveabite is far from your traditional little restaurant. They are, however, worthy of a spot on our list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kansas City because their food is out of this world.

The concept started as an organic approach to takeaways. However, the thriving business now caters home-cooked meals to take home or have on the go. The idea is to take away the stress of “What’s for dinner?” and offer an easy solution – pull out a canihaveabite entree from the freezer, heat and eat.

Meal-prepping has never been made easier, and what’s better is they cater to the vegan and vegetarian market of Kansas City.

Each ingredient is organic and locally sourced, hand-picked that very day to cater to the dishes available. As a result, the menu is continuously changing and offers a unique take on vegetarian cuisine inspired by global foods. You can find dishes from Morroco, Italy, Asia and further afield that will certainly make family dinners interesting.

They also offer a range of healthy juices and cleanses to get your body in tip-top shape. All are made from the same locally-supplied fruits and vegetables found around Kansas and Missouri.

So why not make your life easier? Pick up a few meals to go and enjoy your meal in your favorite spot, whether it be in a local park or on your couch. Canihaveabite have you catered for.

  • Opening Hours: 12 pm to 7 pm Tues – Fri; Closed Sat – Mon
  • Location: 1708 Oak St, Kansas City
Poke bowl with avocado and tofu
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8. EsKCobar

A vibrant and colorful Ethiopian restaurant with a contemporary urban appeal that has a bevy of vegetarian dishes.

We all need a little bit of color in our lives, and EsKCobar offers just that. This Ethiopian restaurant may not serve a solely vegetarian crowd, still they offer plenty of options to make it onto our list considering they are easily one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Kansas City.

Walking in, you’ll find a striking venue where the walls are alive with paint splatters. The contemporary and urban feel gives it a unique and interesting atmosphere you won’t forget. The surrealist murals, and industrialist styles, are certainly something different.

But aside from the uniquely decorated restaurant, it’s the food we’re really interested in. They serve uniquely Ethiopian cuisine, making them a venue few and far between. They call it a “Culinary Safari”, to which we agree.

The vegetarian options are quite expansive and tucked amidst an array of traditional dishes that are just as mouth-watering for any non-vegetarian friends you bring along.

You can have your hand at beautifully prepared Ingudai Portabello Mushrooms, an Ethiopian Split Pea dish called “Yekek Alcha Wot”. You even have any choice of their dinner selections, which consist of vegetarian-friendly platters where you decide the amount of food you get. And did we mention the Coconut fried Chickpeas?

They have a rather expansive bar too, and hand-pressed juices made from Sorrel and Mango that you can order by the glass or by the jug that are completely, 100% vegan too.

  • Opening Hours: 5 pm to 10 pm Thurs; 1 pm to 10 pm Fri & Sat; Closed Sun-Wed
  • Location: 3415 Main St Kansas City
Indian food
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9. Enjoy Pure Food + Drink

Healthy vegetarian-friendly cafe with patio that serves great food and juices.

Enjoy Pure Food + Drink is a health and wellness cafe with a light approach to organic and wholesome eating. They’re a fresh face on the block with a contemporary style that’s refreshing if you’re looking for something new to try.

The venue is bright and vibrant, with a rustic, shabby chic style that’s both quaint and cute and bodes well for aesthetic Instagram posts. It’s run by friendly, larger-than-life individuals who strive to bring a new flavorful approach to healthy eating.

The large cafe and patio allow guests to soak up a happy and welcoming atmosphere wherever they choose to sit. In addition, the open kitchen design means you can watch your meal being prepared while you wait.

They serve a delicious global menu that features robust and earthy flavors and caters to omnivores and vegans alike. In addition, they offer plenty of gluten-free alternatives, making them well-rounded to cater to everyone’s needs.

Open for lunch and dinner, there’s ample opportunity to tuck into a delicious meal here. From Kimchi Wraps to Terra Bella Vegan Lasagne, there are plenty of meals for Vegans and Vegetarians alike.

They also serve a collection of on-the-go juices and health cleanses that elevate your on-the-move choices and are delicious too! When it comes to vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Kansas City, this place is one of the best!

  • Opening Hours: 8 am to 8 pm Mon – Fri; 9 am to 8 pm Sat; 9 am to 3 pm Sun
  • Location: 10573 Mission Rd, Leawood, Kansas City
lasagna display
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10. Beer Kitchen

An urban chic gastropub with a delightful offering of vegetarian options to cater to your every need.

Gastropubs have been increasingly popular over the last few years. In Kansas City, there is none so much more than Beer Kitchen.

This chic urban venue opens into a huge dining area with booth seating great for catering to groups. The large open space houses an extensive bar offering plenty of local brews and mouth-wateringly good cocktails, which are ripe for the picking. Just check with your bartenders ahead of time which local ales are vegan, as not all are.

As for their food menu, well, that caters to both omnivores and vegetarians. Although the pickings are slim for plant lovers, there’s definitely something to say about the options available and for that reason we believe Beer Kitchen is one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Kansas City.

The burgers are some of the best vegan burgers in town and are definitely not to be slept on. Their “It’s Possible” burger is one of the ones available on the menu. Still, off the menu, you can order their infamous Jackfruit burger, which is all made in-house and is mind-blowing, to say the least.

They offer plenty of veggie options for pub snacks, from a Cashew Nut Hummus, Napa Kale Crunch salad and more. So again, there are tasty options ripe for the picking. In addition, the chefs can make substitutes where they can, so don’t hesitate to ask the awesome staff for their recommendations on the best vegetarian meals on offer.

While it might not seem like the biggest range of choices, Beer Kitchen has made a name for itself in catering some of the best vegetarian meals in Kansas City. Plus the have lots of beer – that’s always a bonus!

  • Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm Mon, Wed & Thurs; 11 am to 11 pm Fri; 9 am to 11 pm Sat; 9 am to 10 pm Sun; Closed Tues
  • Location: 435 Westport Rd, Kansas City