Fort Collins, known as Colorado’s Craft Beer Capital, is a beautiful city with not only plethora of cultural attractions and thrilling outdoor activities, but also 20 award-winning craft breweries and an amazing selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

From restaurants offering a classic American menu, to fresh and inventive eateries and even some restaurants serving diverse dishes from around the world, you’ll be spoiled for choice when visiting this area.

So whether you’re looking for a quick and affordable breakfast, relaxed lunch or a lively dinner atmosphere, Fort Collins has it all!

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Five Exceptional Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants In Fort Collins, CO: Food Worth Waiting For!

1. Native Foods

Chain restaurant specializing in 100% plant-based Californian-style dishes with an inventive twist.

Relatively new to Fort Collin’s dining scene, Native Foods is the perfect spot for some Californian-style vegan fare, with a little creative twist that will appeal to all!

You won’t find any dishes containing milk, eggs or cheese here, but rest assured that you’ll find many tempting dishes from the amazing array of 100% plant-based food that they do offer!

This chain restaurant with counter-service has been long awaited in the city. And now that vegans and non-vegans alike can get their hands on these tasty dishes, you’ll find many happy regulars and locals leaving with a smile.

One of the popular items on the menu includes their Chicken Run Ranch which has ingredients like crispy plant-based chicken, ranch dressing, tomato, red onions, mixed lettuce and a side of your choice.

But the star of the show has got to be their huge Poppin’ Jalapeno Burger which consists of two patties, plant-based cheddar, plant-based jalapeño pimento cheese, pickled jalapeños, crispy onions, lettuce, green goddess dressing and a side of your choice.

One of the stand-out entrees is the Orange Cauliflower Bowl which is prepared with crispy cauliflower in orange sauce, fried brown rice with carrots, onions, peas, tofu scramble, sesame seeds and scallions.

Another great pick is their filling BBQ Chicken Salad made with vegan bbq chicken, vegan bacon, avocado, corn, black beans, jicama, salsa fresca, mixed lettuce, pepitas and jalapeño-cilantro dressing.

Native Foods is open everyday from 11am to 9pm.

Address: 3300 S College Ave Suite 110, Fort Collins, CO 80525

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2. Tasty Harmony

A comfortable restaurant with outdoor patio that gets creative with their vegetarian and vegan menu and offers some of the best burgers in town!

Situated just a few minutes from Downtown Fort Collins, Tasty Harmony is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers some of the most creative dishes that are mostly prepared with 100% plant based ingredients, except for some containing cheese.

This eatery on our list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Fort Collins has lots of seats indoors, including booth seating and is the ideal spot for a casual lunch or dinner with your family and friends. You can also grab a seat on their outdoor patio for some fresh air and enjoy your food.

If you’re vegan, you’ll be glad to learn that Tasty Harmony substitutes cheese for plant-based options in many of their dishes. But for those who have a nut allergy, this spot might not suit your diet due to most dishes containing nuts like cashew and almond.

If you’re here with your family and want some vegan starters for sharing, we recommend going for the Nachos De YNEZ which is topped with vegan nacho cheese, pickled jalapenos, black beans, roasted corn, pico de gallo and guacamole. Another great pick for starters is their Fried Brussels which consists of deep fried brussels sprouts, salt, balsamic reduction and garlic aioli.

We think you’ll love the indulgent Peanut Butter Bacon Burger which is topped with peanut butter, jalapeño jelly, eggplant bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion and pickled jalapeños. Another delicious choice is the Burrito Bowl which consists of brown rice, black beans, tortilla chips, guacamole, pico de gallo, grilled onions, peppers, corn and nacho cheese.

As for vegetarians, an amazing option for mains is the Black and Blue Burger which is prepared with a house made gluten-free patty, blue cheese, roasted jalapeno, onion rings, special sauce, tomato, lettuce and pickles.

Tasty Harmony is open Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm and on Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

Address: 160 W Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

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3. Star of India

Restaurant offering authentic Indian dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere, as well as a charming outdoor patio. Enjoy their buffet during the day and a comfortable sit-down dinner in the evening.

Star of India is a relaxed restaurant specializing in authentic Indian cuisine with an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, big outdoor patio, affordable and of course incredibly delicious food!

Although not solely vegan or vegetarian, this Indian eatery doesn’t lack choices for vegans and vegetarians as they serve a lunch buffet, as well as a dinner menu full of great choices.

If you end up visiting during lunch time, we think you’ll be delighted by the amazing vegan and vegetarian option available for the buffet. And what better way to try some of the dishes you’ve never tried than choosing a variety of this authentic food?

As for evening, enjoy a sit-down dinner with your loved ones. Some of the must-try vegan dishes are the Gobi Aloo which consists of cauliflower, potato, ginger, garlic, tomato and fenugreek and their Bhindi Sabji which is prepared with okra and onions caramelized in a garlic and coriander-infused oil.

As for vegetarians, one of the popular items is the Malai Kofta which are tasty dumplings in a creamy coconut sauce with cashew, almond, golden raisin and coconut dusting. Pair that with their creamy Dal Makhni for the ultimate indulgent dinner.

Star of India is open Monday and Wednesday to Sunday for lunch from 11am to 2:30pm and for dinner from 5pm to 9pm, but is closed on Tuesday.

Address: 2900 Harvard St Unit B, Fort Collins, CO 80525

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4. Rainbow Restaurant

Contemporary restaurant with a big outdoor space including a wooden gazebo that’s perfect for a relaxed breakfast or lunch among friends and family.

Located just a short walking distance from Colorado State University, Rainbow Restaurant lives up to its name as a colorful and upbeat spot perfect for a fun breakfast or lunch.

This modern restaurant is very bright and airy space with beautiful hanging lights and little pops of color in every corner. But the star of the show has got to be their large outdoor patio which boasts stunning trees and outdoor parasols for some shade, and even a wooden gazebo that adds to this restaurant’s unique charm.

Although not solely vegetarian or vegan, Rainbow Restaurant has loads of options that can be made plant-based or vegetarian to suit your dietary requirements.

Some of the breakfast choices that can be made vegan are the popular Buenos Dias which consists of grilled tofu or tempeh tossed with veggies, roasted poblanos, quinoa, vegan cheese and avocado. Another vegan must-try is the Tempeh Sautee which is prepared with locally sourced tempeh sautéed with spinach and mushrooms, garnished with tomatoes, onions and served with brown rice, black beans, as well as toast.

As for vegetarians, you’ll find more breakfast choices as many dishes comprise of cheese or eggs. So one of the popular vegetarian choices is the Pumpkin Bread French Toast which is prepared with home-made pumpkin bread, grilled bananas, walnuts, whipped cream and drizzled with butter rum sauce. Another delicious pick is the Pesto Benedict which consists of their in-house pistachio pesto, grilled onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and two poached eggs.

As for lunch, a tasty vegetarian option is the Sweet Potato Burrito which is made with sweet potatoes, poblanos, tofu, black beans, cheese, red chili sauce, cilantro crema, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. For vegans, we think you’ll like the Hello Yellow Curry which consists of a cashew and turmeric-based coconut curry, fresh vegetables, potatoes, brown rice and topped with toasted coconut, cashews and dried figs.

Rainbow Restaurant is open Monday and Wednesday to Sunday from 8am to 2pm, but is closed on Tuesday.

Address: 212 W Laurel St, Fort Collins, CO 80521

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5. Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

Down-to-earth eatery specializing in delicious Mediterranean cuisine where you can get creative with your choices!

Mediterranean cuisine includes loads of bright flavors, as well as aromas and with such a vast mixture of dishes from several countries and regions, you’re sure to find plenty to suit your taste!

Although not purely vegan or vegetarian, we just had to include Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh on our list of vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Fort Collins for the authentic taste, as well as the vegan and vegetarian choices available.

With the option of getting to pick your preferred choices, feel free to get creative and build your own dish by picking the entree, protein, vegetables, sauces and even a side!

From choices such as pita bread, wrap, gyro, rice bowl, salad or plate, we recommend their plate option which is served with fresh baked pita.

Then choose your protein, which for vegans and vegetarians, you’ll get to pick either Falafel or Portobello mushroom which is perfectly seasoned and grilled. Top that with some of their Famous Hummus and Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables and drizzle some tahini sauce for a vegan choice. As for vegetarians, ask for the Tzatziki sauce for a delicious meal.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh is open everyday from 11am to 9pm.

Address: 100 W Troutman Pkwy #120, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Photo for illustrative purposes only: Unsplash+/Maryam Sicard