Relaxing in luxurious resorts, boating in canals, and sunbathing at gorgeous beaches – that’s what Fort Lauderdale is all about. Rightfully crowned as the ‘Venice of America’, this beautiful town is the spot for a fancy beach vacation in Florida.

Of course, with all that fun comes an elaborate food scene, and luckily for the meat-averse crowd visiting Fort Lauderdale, there are tons of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants here.

So here’s our list of what we believe are the best vegetarian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale – experience great aesthetics, decadent dishes, and top-class service. Let’s dig in!

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Our Top Eight Picks For The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Fort Lauderdale

1. Green Bar and Kitchen 

As one of Fort Lauderdale’s most popular vegan restaurants, Green Bar and Kitchen draws a strong local following for its wholesome, healthy, and tasty plant-based food which is served in a minimalist ambiance.

Filled with sunlight, white-washed walls, and scores of potted plants, their indoor seating feels like a breath of fresh air, despite it being at times a tight squeeze with only a handful of tables. However the very zen garden-like outdoor seating area, is spacious, shaded, and there’s plenty of tables there.

Their expansive menu is commendable on its own since it has every vegan alternative you could ever want. Burgers, paninis, fried rice, tacos, noodles, pastries, smoothies – you name it, this place has it!

We recommend the classic BBQ Bacon burger which has a vegan patty, tempeh bacon, onion, vegan cheese, and some BBQ sauce and Jalapeno ranch. There are lots of adventurous picks on the menu too, such as the very buzzworthy Coconut Burger with mango salsa, or the Roasted Cauliflower Taco that has a delicious arugula pesto in it.  

On Saturdays and Sundays, GBK offers a stellar brunch menu too with options like Chia Pancakes and Tofu Scrambles, along with bottomless mimosas that are available every day!

Oh, and did we mention kids eat free every Wednesday here? So come along with the entire family from 11 am onwards (10 am on Sundays) on any day of the week, and you’re sure to leave refreshed and satisfied!

Address: 1075 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale

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2. SoBe Vegan

If you want some downright delicious vegan food in a super aesthetic ambiance, spring to Sobe Vegan.

Located just a block away from the beach, inside W Fort Lauderdale Hotel, this all-vegan, fast-casual place has a very clean, minimal vibe to it, with some whimsical decor here and there that is a treat for the eyes.

A colorful garden wall and hot pink faux trees add to the aesthetic, while the mood lights add a burst of color to the overall whitewash theme. There’s also plenty of outdoor seating with swing chairs and murals – perfect for clicking some snaps to pretty up your Instagram.

As for the food, let’s just say that any meat lover won’t be able to guess whether it’s vegan or not – so bring along your non vegan friends and watch them be impressed! Their menu is completely vegan and very comprehensive, and features power bowls, burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs.

In particular we love their Italian Street Cart hot dog – a simple yet delicious dog featuring a vegan Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, and caramelized onions. Throw in a side of their loaded fries that have burger crumble, cheese, pico de gallo, and chili and you will be delighted you stopped by this picture-perfect restaurant. There are also plenty of soy-free and gluten-free items here, so people with dietary restrictions are more than welcome.

Big plus: They serve a handful of all-day-long breakfast items, such as avocado toasts and egg and cheese sandwiches, along with fresh juices and smoothies (topped with real fruit!)

This kosher and pareve certified place is open from Monday to Thursday from 11 am onwards and 10 am onwards on Fridays and weekends. So do give it a try on your way from the beach!

Address: 401 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

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3. Fresh First

Fresh First is all about organic and housemade ingredients, so anyone looking for an all-natural meal can join the health-centric crowd here.

With a menu that’s 100% gluten-free (no cross-contamination guaranteed!) as well as one that’s very vegan friendly, Fresh First caters to all sorts of dietary restrictions, especially since everything is made from scratch – patties, bread, sauces, and all.

They do serve meat, but that does mean this is the perfect place for a group of friends that are both vegan and non-vegan. Yet while their menu includes food with meat and dairy, almost everything can be modified to be plant-based – which is exactly why Fresh First deserve to be on our list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.

Top that with the spacious, sunny interior with large windows and chic decor, and a few outdoor tables, and you’ve got yourself a memorable dining experience. 

With so many delicious vegan options that are bursting with flavor and natural goodness, you’ll be hard-pressed not to order just about everything. However we highly recommend their sweet potato noodles that are tossed with sautéed grape tomatoes, kale, and avocado over a creamy garlic sauce and sunflower seeds.

Their Sloppy Q burger with quinoa is also very popular, as is the rich and creamy tomato soup. Fresh First also serves an all-day breakfast that includes many delicious vegan picks, such as the Keywest Tofu or the cinnamon-infused pancakes.

So whether it’s breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Fresh First has got you covered with their handcrafted menu that is accredited by the Beyond Celiac organization. Drop by any day from 8 am to 3 pm, and don’t forget to get some of their nutritious Rainbow Juice to-go!

Address: 1637 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale

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4. The Hummus House 

For some of the town’s best hummus and meatless Mediterranean food, head towards The Hummus House, a hidden gem located in a neighborhood near Sunrise Boulevard.

Indulge in exciting Middle Eastern food at this small, counter-service place, where the atmosphere is laid-back and casual. With white brick walls dotted with potted plants, this tiny place feels cozy and comfortable and is perfect for a relaxed and easy-going meal. But to experience this place in all its glory, consider sitting outside at the waterfront seating behind the restaurant – it’s quite a view out there! 

As for the menu, it’s entirely vegetarian (and extremely appetizing), and most of the items are vegan as well.

While the pita wraps and Mediterranean platters are very appealing, you won’t be doing this place justice if you don’t get their mouth-watering Hummus Bowls. Made in-house daily with organic chickpeas, their hummus is some of the best you’ll ever taste, served with freshly made pita bread and Schug – a spicy sauce.

We also suggest trying the classic Falafel that is served with Falafel balls, tahini sauce, and hummus – a drool-worthy bowl of deliciousness! Don’t miss out on the Meatless Shawarma either – a very popular Middle Eastern wrap that can be enjoyed as a vegan dish here. 

They also serve a couple of breakfast dishes, such as the Shakshuka Skillet, that are served all day long and worth seeking out! Open to dish out mouth-watering eats every day of the week, from 11 am to 6 pm, the Hummus House is a must-visit for everyone! 

Address: 900 NE 20th Ave, Fort Lauderdale

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5. Myapapaya 

Myapapaya may be known for its health-centric juices and superfood smoothies, but boy, do they have some great vegetarian and vegan food too!

This counter-service place puts great importance on the organic ingredients they use for the conscious eater, offering a glut of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan picks that have garnered a city-wide following.

So sit inside in the bright interior with tropical decor where the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, or outside on the spacious and shaded patio, or better yet enjoy their charming riverfront seating! Either way, you’re sure to love the absolutely yummy food served here.

Their menu caters to all kinds of diets, no matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or a carnivore, so everyone can enjoy a delicious meal in the charming ambiance here.

Consider opting for their vegan tacos, which come with portobello mushrooms, guac, and pickled cabbage slaw, or the Organic Sweet Potato Plate which has a bunch of veggies, portobello mushrooms for the vegan version, and a uniquely delicious pineapple salsa!

They also serve breakfast here, with appetizing vegetarian picks like the Mexicali Burrito or the Shakshuka, and vegan delights like the Tomavo Toast or the almond butter and chia berry jam sandwich. All of their vegan butter, bread, and sauces are made in-house daily, so expect fresh and all-natural food here! 

Along with all the yummy food you can handle, they also have dairy-free smoothies and vegan cookies and brownies, so don’t forget to get some of these to go! Drop by any day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm, or on Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Address: 2528 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

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6. Beehive Kitchen 

Need fast food that’s healthy and delicious at the same time? Then head towards Beehive Kitchen – one of the best restaurants for vegetarians in Fort Lauderdale.

Focusing on carefully sourced ingredients, Beehive makes all of their stuff from scratch, every day, and their entire menu is gluten-free. It’s not necessarily all vegetarian, but there’s lots of meatless and vegan stuff for the herbivorous folks.

You can build your bowl at the counter, or choose from the chef’s choice of handpicked ingredients – basically think of this place as a Chipotle, only way healthier and better! The ambiance itself is bright and cheery too, with a clean, minimal aesthetic and chic decor, along with spotless and shiny tables and stools for seating. 

The whole building your bowl affair can be super fun, as you can choose from various appetizing ingredients. First, you choose your base from stuff like Garbanzos, beans, and quinoa. After that, you choose your veggies and proteins, and they’ve even got some delicious sesame citrus tofu for vegetarians and vegans. Last, you choose your sauces and any add-ons (Pro Tip: get their guac – it’s always fresh and bursting with flavor!).

On top of that, the staff here are always super friendly and help you choose the best combo for your preferences, but if you’re in a real hurry, get their preformatted bowls, such as the Vegan Bowl – they taste amazing too! 

Open every day from 11 am to 9 pm, Beehive Kitchen is the perfect pitstop for a quick, healthy, and tasty meal catering to all sorts of diets, so do consider dropping by this fun place!

Address: 6312 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale

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7. PS Green Vegan Express

Chef and owner José Pablo Luque’s dedication to creating healthy yet scrumptious vegan eats shows in the food served at PS Green Vegan Express.

Located at Oakland Park Boulevard, this fun little eatery offers fast and casual food with a healthy twist in a very family-friendly and upbeat atmosphere. Sit inside the refreshing interior that has wood accents, fun, eclectic decor, and bright lights, or grab a seat at the handful of tables outside on the sunny patio. Either way, you’ll enjoy their prompt service and expertly-made, delicious food. 

Their menu has all the usual suspects when it comes to tasty fast food – burgers, tacos, quesadillas, empanadas, and more. But we highly recommend their burgers in particular, as the patties are made in-house with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Take for example the Tex-Mex burger, which is made with a black bean, quinoa, and corn patty, and pico de gallo, avocado, and chipotle mayo inside a whole wheat kaiser roll. What an absolute treat to munch on!

Oh, and there are decadent Italian dishes too, like vegan lasagna, eggplant parmesan, and penne a la vodka. They also have a vast breakfast and brunch menu featuring acai bowls, scrambled tofu, and pancakes, along with smoothies, juices, alongside gluten-free cookies and brownies for a post-meal treat.

PS Green Vegan Express is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm (4 pm on Sundays), so if you’re looking for a quick bite that’s healthy and mouth-watering at the same time, do drop by!

Address: 2306 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

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8. Gourmet Garden Cafe and Juices

For a healthy twist on yummy grub that’s also not too heavy on the pocket, Gourmet Garden Cafe offers vegan and vegetarian-friendly food alongside options for the meat-loving crowd too.

It’s a super bright and refreshing place to meet up with friends, where the atmosphere is lively and pleasant. Keeping in with the garden theme, the bright green chairs and potted plants adds to the clean, minimalist vibes, so you’ll likely love dining here. You can also go al fresco on their patio when it’s not too sunny.

As for the menu, let’s just say you’d have to come here twice, every day for a month, to exhaust it – it’s that huge! With items like fresh garden salads, sandwiches, wraps, and healthy platters, there’s something for even picky eaters here.

We suggest trying their Avocado Goddess wrap that has a unique miso dressing, or one of the Natural Fit Platters where you can choose your favorite ingredients. There are also plenty of gluten-free picks available, and we have to admit – their homemade gluten-free bread is one of the best in town!

You can also enjoy a deliciously healthy breakfast at Gourmet Garden – the vegan protein pancake is our favorite, with add-ons like vegan chocolate chips available. 

Gourmet Garden is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am onwards for breakfast and lunch, with daily specials that are worth seeking out! 

Address: 6139 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale

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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Fort Lauderdale: Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find vegan and vegetarian options that aren’t just a bunch of flavorless veggies tossed on a plate.

Luckily for residents of this city and visitors alike, there’s some fantastic vegetarian restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. It’s also a safe haven for those with dietary restrictions. Bon appetit!