Situated in the heart of the Lake District, Ambleside is brimming with outdoor activities like water sports, hiking, cycling, climbing and many more. Whether you want to have a relaxing escape from the daily hustle and bustle or a getaway full of thrilling adventures, one thing we can guarantee here is that you’ll work up an appetite!

Luckily Ambleside has many dining options, with a multitude of restaurants serving food typical of the region all the way to ones that serve different global cuisines.

As we know this spot well, here are some of the best vegetarian-friendly and vegetarian restaurants in Ambleside.

You’ll find purely vegan and vegetarian joints here, as well as restaurants that serve both meat and vegetarian dishes – but their vegetarian menus are extensive and impressive which is why we wanted to include them.

So read on to find your perfect lunch or dinner destination!

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The Six Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Ambleside

1. Fellinis

Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to dining out. After all, a trip to the Lake District is all about unforgettable moments and excellent food.

Fellinis offers you that and so much more! Located in an old Conservative Club building, this fine dining restaurant is filled with charm, tasteful décor, comfort and outstanding food. The calm atmosphere, relaxed background music, excellent service and the large selection of vegetarian dishes makes this a spot you want to visit again and again.

This contemporary ‘Vegeterranean’ restaurant has earned its reputation thanks to the mouth-watering Mediterranean inspired dishes they have. Since this exclusively vegetarian restaurant in Ambleside features a seasonal menu, expect creative flavours and freshness in each dish.

So what should you choose when you visit Fellinis? Some of our top picks are their Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Homemade Garlic Mayo, Soup of the Day and Risotto prepared with the freshest ingredients in season.

Known as one of the few solely vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ambleside, Fellinis is open from 5:30pm to 10pm everyday.

Address: Church Street, Ambleside, LA22 0BT

2. Zeffirellis

You just can’t go wrong with some classic Italian inspired pizza and pasta. The delicious combination of crispy pizza crust, well-seasoned tomato sauce and bubbly cheese are always a winner. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Zeffirellis!

The warm lights, wall art and comfortable booths, paired with great service makes this place a lovely dinner destination. Founded in 1980, this award-winning vegetarian restaurant in Ambleside is one of the most unique dining spots in this area. Why? Well, Zeffirellis offers you an unparalleled dining experience thanks to their in-house cinema and Jazz Bar. It’s like a complete night out!

This vegetarian restaurant in Ambleside has a popular ‘Movie Deal’ where you can enjoy a 2 course meal, as well as a movie at a very affordable price. Or if you’re more in the mood for live music, Zeffirellis also does contemporary Jazz on Fridays and Saturdays in their upstairs Jazz Bar. Their ‘Music Deal’ also offers you a 2 course meal and a ticket to enjoy incredible live music.

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this restaurant makes sure that their vegetarian menu isn’t second best. We recommend trying their Stilton Soufflé, Garlic & Thyme Mushrooms and their Mega Mezze Platter comprising of garlic bread, baba ganoush, hummus, pesto, olives, sun blushed tomatoes and feta cheese.

As for the mains, their Pecan and Cashew Nut Wellington or the ‘Big One’ – a pizza garnished with aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, pine kernels, olives and capers – are two choices worth thinking about. If you like a bit of heat, their ‘Rain Forest’ pizza with spinach, roasted peppers, jalapeno peppers and red onions is an excellent pick.

This is one of the few exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Ambleside, and it’s open everyday from 10am to 10pm.

Address: Compston Road, Ambleside, LA22 9AD

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3. Doi Intanon

Doi Intanon is a casual dining spot serving great Thai cuisine in a beautiful old converted building. The authentic and delicious Thai dishes, alongside the dining area adorned with fairy lights and Thai décor, give a feel of Thailand right in the middle of the Lake District.

Although not fully vegetarian, Doi Intanon has great vegetarian options such as their Pad Thai Jay with eggs, beansprouts, tofu and ground peanut. Their Gaeng Ped Jay which is a red curry with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoot and tofu is a great pick too. We also recommend their Brio Warhn Jay which is a dish consisting of mixed vegetables and tofu prepared with sweet and sour sauce.

If it’s your first time trying authentic Thai cuisine, the attentive and friendly staff are always happy to make suggestions of their vegetarian best sellers. The Gaeng Panang Jay is recommended for beginners as it is served with less spices. However, if you’ve more of an adventurous palette and can handle heat, why not try their Jungle Curry? It’s the hottest vegetarian curry on the menu, prepared with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoot and tofu.

Although it’s not one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Ambleside, Doi Intanon is still well worth checking out. It’s open from Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 10pm, on Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 10:30pm, but is closed on Sunday.

Address: Market Place, Ambleside LA22 9BU

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4. Misto

If you’re on the hunt for a relaxed atmosphere for grabbing a quick bite for breakfast, brunch or lunch, Misto will be right up your street.

The friendly staff make this spot welcoming, while the rustic décor, copper hanging lights and stone wall make it a place worth taking pictures of. Although not solely vegetarian, Misto’s inventive menu and top-notch presentation make this spot a must-visit.

We recommend trying their famous Truffle Mushroom Toast, Nutty Crumble Granola and their twist on the classic British breakfast – ‘The Veggie’ comprising of eggs, smashed avocado, mushrooms, tomato, beans, hash brown and toast.

The large variety of beverages and helpful staff add to this spot’s appeal. Whilst you’re at it, why not opt for their creative Brunch Cocktails such as their Ranch Bloody Mary?

This place is open on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm, on Saturday from 9:30am to 5pm, but is closed on Monday and Wednesday.

Address: 9 Compston Road, Ambleside LA22 9DJ

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5. Auradaze

How does experiencing authentic Japanese cuisine right in the beautiful town of Ambleside sound? Considered as this town’s ‘Slice of Japan’, Auradaze gives you just that with their taste of Japanese culture and great cuisine.

They have a great menu fit for vegetarians, as well as vegans. So whether it’s for a late lunch or a nice family dinner, dietary requirements will be easily accommodated for.

If you want to get some Japanese goodies, you’ll also find a small Japanese Deli in the same building. Entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted both in Japanese and English. The friendly and welcoming staff will happily guide you to what the best vegetarian options are. Those incredible dishes will then be prepared by Head Chef Darren Yates with attention and flavour in each dish.

With so much to choose from, we recommend trying their special veg sushi – their Veg Special Roll and Avocado Norimaki are great options. As for a more filling dish, Auradaze’s Veg Katsu Curry and Rice and their Veg Udon or Soba Noodles are some of the regulars’ favourites.

We would recommend you reserve in advance because this place gets busy. This Japanese restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday from 1:30pm to 8pm.

Address: 2 Millans Park, Ambleside LA22 9AF

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6. The Apple Pie

This café and bakery whips up some of the best vegan and vegetarian breakfast and lunch in Ambleside. So if you want to get an energy boost before your adventures, The Apple Pie serves incredible choices, great for adults and kids as well because their kids menu is extensive too. This café also has a nice covered outside area perfect for warmer days.

All the dishes here are cooked to order, so expect the freshest and tastiest filling breakfasts. Some of our top picks are their Veggie breakfast comprising of a black bean patty, poached eggs, beans, hash browns and toast. If you’re vegan, you’ll be happy to hear that you can have the same with smashed avocado instead of eggs.

When it comes to lunch options, we recommend their Falafel Wrap, Mexican Black Bean Burger and Hummus & Roasted Vegetables Roll. And of course, as we’ve mentioned before, there’s an extensive kids menu that has plenty of vegetarian choices.

If you fancy something sweet, you’re in for a treat here – their Cinnamon Swirl, Caramel Doughnut and Apple & Ginger Cake are all delicious. We have to mention what they’re renowned for too – their famous Apple Pie that can be served with cream, ice cream or custard. If you are looking for a gluten free Apple Pie option, they can also accommodate your requirements.

This café and bakery is open everyday from 9am to 4pm.

Address: Rydal Road, Ambleside LA22 9AN

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